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Arctic sea ice is not at an "all time high." Only for the last couple of years, which is normal; it's always gone up and down, but it's still lower now than it was 50 years ago, shrinking every few years without recovery.…

Further reading:…
Arctic Sea ice: actual truth by scythemantis
Arctic Sea ice: actual truth
The internet is all aflutter with loony-toons claiming Arctic ice is at a "record high" and that this, apparently, is evidence against climate change.

The reality is that it's only a "record high" within a very short span, and across the past few decades, it has steadily shrunk without fully recovering.

Any and all records of Arctic ice demonstrate this fact, and it's not like it's difficult data to get wrong. We're talking about the size of an ice cap, here. Pretty hard to miss.

This is the extent to which denialists will go to convince you that Global Warming is all a big sham; they'll deny the very face of the planet if they have to.
I shit you not, the man has actually stooped low enough to unblock me, quickly speak to me, and re-block me as fast as he could, the internet equivalent of a note tied to a brick:…

He also thinks I need to prove a negative (i.e. find papers specifically refuting his incorrect claims) as though the burden of proof is on anyone else.

Not articles full of global generalizations on the state of the climate. Specific papers, which were written to specifically refute the ones I have posted. Are you capable of comprehending that?

That's a nonsensical and highly unprofessional request. You're putting the burden of proof on others and asking that a negative claim be refuted. I could say the moon doesn't exist. That doesn't mean I'm right until someone refutes me; the evidence in favor of the moon's existence speaks for itself, as does the evidence for anthropogenic climate change. Directly refuting crackpots only serves to make them feel justified.

I have also noticed several times in the past when people commenting on your journals have asked for links to prove your contention. You blew them off, ignored the question, changed the subject. You can't answer them because you've never actually read or tried to comprehend anything that doesn't fit your hystericyst world-view, otherwise known as AGW- all you have ever seen, is the propaganda you parrot onto this site.

Who did I blow off? When? I always provide information I'm asked for.

Then millions of scientists must live in Poverty, according to your claim. Again, can you prove it? Show us what the poor, timid little scientists are making. You make it sound like it was below minimum wage.

What do you make as a "geologist?" :)

You would have us believe that these scientist exist purely to find the truth. That they have NO motivations whatsoever beyond that. No reason to lie, cheat, or steal. No possible way they could ever succumb to political or financial pressures to conform to, say, a 'consensus.'

And you would have us believe that, beyond all sense and reason, a massive number of scientists who aren't even working for the same people, projects, fields or even countries are all working hard to push the same agenda?

There are just as many people who would pay a scientist to deny AGW as would pay them for positive findings. In fact, the people with the most money of all are already the ones whose best interest is to stomp on environmental conservation. And yet, scientific consensus still defies them.

What we see is not only overwhelming consistency from the science supporting AGW, but the predictable level of incompetence, contradiction and flip-flopping from the very few who board the denialism bandwagon.

For fuck's sake, the lead denialist organization has self-proclaimed "psychics" on its staff.

Peer review has been corrupted…

A stem-cell scientist takes in 'millions' for fraudulent research…

And very likely expected to make millions on the patents!</b>…

Activist climate scientists like hansen and mann make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in speaking fees. Not to mention a cool million-plus, that hansen 'forgot' to report…

And this speaks poorly of climate science as a All I said was that there's no logical way for your interpretation of a world-wide hoax to exist.

An IPCC scientist himself, complains about political pressure and interference in writing climate policy papers…

And you are somehow Incapable of seeing or acknowledging that these things and tens of thousands more, are happening all around you? When did people who became scientists, STOP being human, that you think some few of them would not stoop to such things? Especially when the pressure is political / ideological.

The political and ideological pressure is different in every single cultural climate and applies differently to every individual person. If the climate consensus were driven primarily by fraud it would be nowhere near as universal and consistent as it is around the world.

The Tropical Hot Spot that was supposed to be proof of the theory, never materialized

</b>Your graph, as usual, only shows that the "worst case scenario" didn't pan out, but that the predicted climate patterns most certainly did.

Claim after claim after claim has been shown by nature itself, to be wrong kajm.deviant…

An increase from two years ago does not defy AGW behavior. Al Gore is not a scientific authority. I actually never heard a thing about him or knew he had anything to say on the subject until you claimed he was where I got my information.

Your 'golden standard' in climate science, the IPCC, is full of errors…

Since when was the IPCC my golden standard?

You are a know-nothing troll, a parrot. You have been raised to live in Fear of the weather and you and yours are going to do tremendous damage to this world trying to 'fix' it.

What "tremendous damage?" Even the completely truthful and accurate criticisms you hurl at wind farms don't make them a fraction as horrific as fracking or coal plants.

Interesting that you once again claim that only humans can be responsible for the current warming…

Yet you want us to believe that you have never claimed humans are 100% responsible? Even one of your climate gods, gavin schmidt, claims 110%!

I've never heard that man's name in my life.

However, you're still wildly misunderstanding things here.

Obviously, climate changes on its own to a degree. Therefore, humans are not 100% responsible for all climate behavior.

They ARE responsible for an abnormal exacerbation of climate behavior.

Every time you claim someone 'denies' climate change, you are LYING.

You deny any existence at all of anthropogenic climate change. People know that's what I'm referring to.

I've asked this again and again, and you've never answered...

What is it I'm supposedly always "lying" about when I describe your beliefs?

Every time I say you believe climate change has no human influence, you say I'm lying.

But then you turn around and make that exact claim.

Are you EVER going to explain what part you think I'm lying about?
Climate change denialists.


White supremacists.



The worst, most inexcusable garbage of the human race seems to dominate most of the membership of DA. How did we go so wrong?


Jonathan Wojcik
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United States
I'm a cartoonist, biology enthusiast and horror fan born on Halloween. I have a life long passion for bizarre creatures of every sort, whether real-world invertebrates from the deepest ocean trenches or buggy eyed space mutants from low budget cinema. I run the modestly popular and have also written for Cracked.

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