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Most Mortasheen monsters focus on just "weird," but I'm trying to do some with more traditional "menace," and even some that are more traditionally cute one of these days (because I do like the same kind of "cute" as other people, too, I just also consider a lot of other things cute)

Still, I try to maintain some weirdness, so Mortasheen's "velociraptor" is also a trilobite xenomorph sort of thing.

There are still more of these I haven't put on DA, and the easiest place to see them is at
I can see that just about everyone I follow (that I checked up on, anyway) and even a few people who used to fight with me are all on the same page - that there's creepy fucking shit going on in this country right now.

America was once the "hero" country that devastated the Nazis. Only 70 years later, we've got neonazis celebrating in our streets because they feel that they've just "won" this country. Not just a bunch of memers posting pepes on fringe message boards; actual, dead serious Hitler sympathizers coming out in the open to say they're taking over America.

Whether they're capable of that or not, the fact that they feel that way is not normal. I've never seen this in my lifetime. Neither have my parents.

I don't think I'm going back to posting art here, but I'm around if you ever need to talk. Even if we used to fight about something or other - even if you used to argue on the side of neofascism, jokingly or otherwise - I won't judge you or gloat if you're now seriously worried about things getting out of hand and you just need somebody to privately vent to. You can always hit me up through my email.
Shivergeist for the in-depth profiles of these guys!
The Ectosaurs are this Halloween season's new Mortasheen creature type. Reptilian, prehistoric "ghosts!"


Jonathan Wojcik
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a cartoonist, biology enthusiast and horror fan born on Halloween. I have a life long passion for bizarre creatures of every sort, whether real-world invertebrates from the deepest ocean trenches or buggy eyed space mutants from low budget cinema. I run the modestly popular and have also written for Cracked.


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GoldandSliverDragon Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
I love your work and you site bogleech, in fact it is partly where I got the idea for this art challenge I'm trying to get going. It seems like something you would love, in fact you should know some of the monsters in the challenge, anyway here the link to check out in case you want to.

31-obscure Monsters Halloween Challenge 2017
BaronVonAaron783 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist

DiplodocusDinosaur Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm new to this site, and i was wondering if you had any tips on how to get better at art.
It would be nice if you responded
entertheplace Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017
Waitaminute, BOGLEECH! I've found you on here! WOOP! *Follows*
Garo123456 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello. I have skimmed through(and enjoyed :D ) your website Bogleech. However I feel it is ''incomplete''. I have some suggestions for new galleries. Be sure to check out these beauties(Note: many of them are obscure):
1.All 4 Splatterhouse games
2.All 4 Devil May Cry games
3.All R-Type games
4.Pulstar and Blazing Star(Neo Geo games)
5.Courage the Cowardly Dog
6.Happy Tree Friends
7.Devilman(Anime and Manga)
8.John Carpenter's The Thing and The Fly(1982 movies)
9.All 4 Urotsukidoji films(Warning: it contains tentacle porn!)
10.Parasyte(Anime and Manga)
11.Chaos Legion(Manga and Video Game)
12.All 4 Ghosts and Goblins/Ghouls and Ghosts games
13.Chimera Beast(shmup game with Eldritch Abominations)
14.Chakan: The Forever Man(Sega Genesis Game based on RAK Comic book)
15.Bolbox(EVO: Search for Eden)
16.All Contra games
17.Cyber Lip(Neo Geo game)
18.and Project Altered Beast
Also, I hope you have heard of Giygas and Zero Two(Kirby). I am a fellow Xenomorph fan as well. To prove I am not trolling you, here's a picture of a boss monster (Dobkeratops ) from R-Type… . Enjoy and please update!
gambzilla Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
Bogleech, remember me? I was the one who asked you, a couple years ago, if you had the intention to review the various Kingdom Hearts creatures.
What came of that? Because you seem to have scratched the project, and that would be a shame, because every single enemy in Kingdom Hearts has a wonderfully fucked up design, one way or the other.
From the Noodies (literal holes in the fabric of reality that learnt to disguise themselves as existing beings) to that boss in the most recent game who is basically a 20-ft-tall Gaston wearing an animal skull as an helmet, they seem to be your stick of bread.
Recently the Wiki has got way better pictures, so maybe time is mature.
Also, I'd love to hear you talking about the best designs in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure; I mean, there's a Venice Carnival Cyborg dressed like Frollo living in the shadows.
FernandesDamasceno Featured By Owner Edited Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey :iconscythemantis:, I think you are going to like this old disney short:…
flandre495 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Wishing you a happy Halloween and a happy birthday! 🌟
TrilobiteCannibal Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave and the watch :la:
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