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In America, "Freedom of Expression" and "Free Speech" refers to a constitutional right to express your opinions without being silenced or prosecuted by the government or police.

This is a legal protection in place so that the people can criticize the behavior of authority figures on equal grounds.

For some inexplicable reason, many people believe "Free Speech" extends further to civilian interactions. People claim their "freedom" is being violated when a website like Deviantart takes down their work, or when they experience harsh backlash for their opinions and beliefs.

In other words, call someone out on even the most vile, aggressive hate speech and they'll almost invariably fall back on some rant about their "freedom" to "express" themselves.

Unfortunately for the racists, misogynists, transphobes, homophobes and other anthropomorphic sewage, the right to free speech simultaneously means that others have the right to speak against you, and yes, police your words in their own spaces. A civilian-owned website like Deviantart, Tumblr or Facebook is completely within its right to dictate its own content for any personal reasons it sees fit, and every person is especially within their right to remove comments and block people from their own profiles, galleries or subforums.

The right to free speech is NOT a right for that speech to be respected, especially if you're only wielding it to demean people for being of a different race, gender, culture or sexuality. When you use your freedom to speak as a weapon of hate, you don't have any business whining when hate is what you get in return.

As a matter of fact, United States Law makes special exception for speech deemed "offensive or derisive," which may be legally censored by the state on case-by-case basis:…

Please remember to keep this all in mind before you cry about your "free speech" because someone just didn't appreciate your racist, sexist, derogatory and xenophobic behavior.
So, meanwhile, the obsessed video game fetishist who was previously writing me up to 50,000 words a week about video games has written his own hate-post about me! Guess it's time for a breakdown of the most interesting parts.

The Inherent Hypocrisy of Scythemantis
It's been a while since i've given this Beta Mangina fuckboy a thrashing he deserves, about time i start with replying to this delightful post of his bigotry within the Christmas year. For those who know this infamous fuckboy, he and i had a major beef last month as he and i got into a 50 comment war against each o9ther until i realize this guy was too stupid and i blocked him. ANyways before he left, he made a post that contains #FullMcIntosh levels of stupid against GamerGate, let's have a read of this bigots post
The Inherent Degeneracy of Gamergate
In a world where unarmed, innocent people are murdered freely by authority figures, slavery is at an all-time high, someone opens fire on an American school almost every month and people die from inadequate, needlessly overpriced health care, some people think the biggest and most upsetting issue in our society is about video game op

It's been a while since i've given this Beta Mangina fuckboy a thrashing he deserves, about time i start with replying to this delightful post of his bigotry within the Christmas year.

Cute things about you from just this sentence:

1) That you think I can be "bigoted" for saying critical things about people who play video games and hate women.

2) That you ironically think you can use "mangina" without being a bigot yourself.

3) That you think "beta" is a real thing.

4) That you think your inept flailing constitutes "thrashing".

 For those who know this infamous fuckboy, he and i had a major beef last month as he and i got into a 50 comment war against each o9ther until i realize this guy was too stupid and i blocked him.

Translation: you couldn't find a single gap in the facts I was telling you and got scared.

Funny how the Feminist extremists have ignored the murder of innocent ,unarmed people from authority figures and care more street harassment than you do about protecting the rights of people from police brutality.

Nice lies you're starting out with. Feminists have fought as much as anyone else against the routine murder of minorities by the police.

Also ironic slavery is at a all time high , i wonder if it has to do with your support for Islamic terrorism or your support of ban on prostitution.

Neither I nor the majority of mainstream feminists support the criminalization of prostitution. Criminalizing it only hurts innocent people.

And no, the rate of slavery right now has nothing to do with "islamic terrorism." Guess you've resorted to mashing scary terms together for shock value.

Funny how you people are the one's rallying around a talentless slut who cheated on her boyfriend and rather than admit she did wrong and the Game Journalists breached ethics, you're on this massive PR White Knight Campaign to censor people who simply criticize you and want to enforce your SJW bullshit into our gaming spaces against the will of the people and turn a diverse gaming market into a homogenous, political sopabox

Thanks for just confirming your deranged obsession with rumors about the irrelevant personal lives of strangers.

Really this is less of a gaming journalism issue at this point and more of a grand fight against internet censorship and net neutrality.

Gamergate hasn't done much of anything about either of those things.

Also dumbshit, if we can't even reform the micro level which is gaming journalism, what thinks you can hope to reform mainstream media on a macro level ?

False equivalency. Journalism surrounding politics and science has no crossover with fanboys reviewing games on their blogs. Also, you have millions of said fanboys to choose from; nobody holds a monopoly on gaming coverage. Mainstream media is a different ballgame run by entities like CNN and Fox News who get to tightly control the information viewers get.

Gaming Journalism? You have your pick of several thousand reviews as soon as a game comes out.

The Amazing Atheist reports on corruption within the American Media as a whole and so forth. Do tell me how deeply in your ass you had to pull this straw man out of because the vast majority of people in GamerGate are openly critical against the mainstream media.

That's for proving us right then, if no one has died from Video Games,

I said "video game reviews." It's debatable and unknown whether a video game ever influenced a murder. If there are people who will mace somebody over Sonic the Hedgehog's arms, though, it stands to reason there are people who will do worse over nothing but difference in video game opinions. In fact, we already know there are, and that they're everywhere. They're people like yourself.

Once again missing the point of GamerGate and given people have been doxxed, blocked, banned and SWAT'ed for holding a different view from GamerGhazi

Back when we argued directly, I asked you for proof that "anti-gamergaters" were more responsible for this kind of behavior than gamergaters. You had none, so I guess we remain at a standstill on this point.

Not to mention there was the whole ban on GTA 5 in Target Australia and K Mart,. denying thousands their freedom of commerce and pursuit of happiness,

Not one single person who wanted GTAV is or ever was unable to get it because of its pulling from two measly retail chains. Nor did it (or would it) lead to any slippery slope resulting in an actual "ban." The only difference it makes at all is a few fewer clueless parents buying it for ten year olds.

the firing of Pelb's comic maker critical of SJW's

The creator of Plebcomics put her own information up on tumblr and dared people to call her workplace and get her fired. Anyone should know what will happen when they do such a thing. Nobody who called was likely even an "SJW," just a troll doing what trolls do.

and the countless attempts to blacklist GamerGaters from getting jobs and trying to defund people's Paterons so they can starve on the streets for christmas and constant attempts to undermine charities and supporting the sabotage of the TYFC, but nah it's perfectly okay when it happens to people who aren't SJW's right SyctheMangia?

"Countless attempts" eh? I can think of only a couple incidents like this and they didn't harm anyone who didn't deserve it.

Funny how you use the term "Terrorize" to demonize GamerGate when it's been your side doing the mass blocking, mass banning,

"Blocking" and "banning" are things individuals have the right to do in their own spaces. It's not terrorism for the owner of a website to choose who they want using that website as a platform.

DDOSS attacks against pro GamerGate Sites, Doxxing, Hacking, death threats sending, sending syringes and knives through the mail and even attempting to get people killed as in the case of Zoey Qunin trying to get Mike Chervoick killed but do go on how it's GamerGate resorting to Cultural Terrorism.

Every single thing you just described is what the core, original members of Gamergate started and continue to advocate.

Funny how you people deny the fact Depression Quest was ever reviewed

I've not only never denied that but never heard of anyone denying it.

What started this avalanche of rage and abuse wasn't Qunin sleeping with 5 men, it was the mass censorship of Reddit and 4 Chan

Drama over someone's personal life is a good reason to start deleting shit. 4chan is still privately owned and so are subreddits. They can do what they want and you can go elsewhere. And you have, so what's the complaint?

The problem isn't the fact Zoey Qunin slept with 5 men, the problem is the that the very same webistes which are quick to complain about personal issues are silent on a major breach of ethics within their own ranks

lol "major breach of ethics" like we're still talking about war crimes and not Super Grand Theft Halio Brothers 3.

Weren't you yourself bitching about the corruption of the mainstream media within the beginning of this rant you went on?

Yes, the mainstream media that actually has impacts on human lives rather than on which toys you play with.

you don't think that there aren't sleazy sex deals happening between politicians, lobbyists and media figureheads ?

Of course there are. Good thing it has no important, meaningful, significantly harmful repercussions on something as petty as a hobby and never possibly can.

I bet you if this was a Conservative Feminists who preached about Family Values like say Sarah Palin who was caught doing a Gangbang with Oil Lobbyists and Fox News Media figureheads and using her seuxality to get herself into positions of power she didn't earn, you would be singing a different tune

Yes, because politics and oil lobbyists actually matter. You're talking about people who assign a number of stars to a plaything for a living.

 and be bitching about how much of a slut she is and how she shames all women

No, that's what you and your buddies would do. A rational person knows that someone's sex life doesn't make them less of a person and sure as hell can't "shame all women." My entire problem with you to begin with is that you're the kind of person who would think that way.

Which is why you defend people in the gaming press who rely on gamers for income and revenue, which is why you people are so invested in killing the current gaming industry and spend your entire time attacking Gamers even during the holidays.

Who's doing ANYTHING that threatens to or intends to "kill" the current gaming industry? Do you mean supporting independent developers so we aren't at the mercy of soulless corporations telling us what we want, because that's what's actually happening?

 Funny how a "toy" has really caused you to lose your collective shit to the point you want to impose totalitarian restrictions of freedom of speech because a game hurt your feelings.

Nobody anywhere is proposing any restrictions on anyone's freedom of speech. The only thing anybody has done is express criticism of shitty design choices, which is their own right to free speech. Developers are free to ignore those criticisms or listen to them.

Which is why you SJW's want to make it about politics

No, what people are doing is suggesting things they would like to see in future games. What you're doing is attacking them because they have interests and wishes you don't care about.

 and make only your political agenda matter in gaming and demonize and censor any games that contradict that worldview.

Nobody has demonized or censored any video games. They have critiqued them constructively and harmlessly. What ridiculously passionate language you have. It's almost like games are your entire life.

Which is why you want to use games to pump Feminist Pseudo Science and Pseudo History into the gaming space

What you actually mean is that a large portion of women are openly, honestly discussing things they care about and it makes you angry because you don't care how they feel.

and want to use the law to trample on consumer rights and freedom of speech and make it a punishable offense akin to rape if a player dare beats a girl gamer online

Nobody has ever said this but you, just now.

Also it's ironic that disingenuous snakes like you claim Gaming is Art yet you admit to being pro censorship and admit that you want to deny people the right to artistic freedom and artistic creativity and expression, in other words you're also against art SytcheMangina

Criticism is essential to art and always has been. If we can't criticize game content and analyze its social meaning then it isn't art. You can't separate art from critique. They're two sides to a coin.

Nevermind the fact other sites like Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra and Giant Bomb were also part of the Quninspiarcy as well as Destructoid, GameStop and NeoGAF and nevermind Gawker,Jezebel, Salon, Slate, Vegre and a million progressive websites, even sites like VICE have also colllbearted against Gamers

"If lots of people agree with something I disagree with, it must be an evil CONSPIRACY!"

....You might wanna get that checked, sounds like serious paranoia.

Once again, what if this was Briebart that had a sex scandal on the scale of the Zoey and 5 Guys scandal, would you be saying the same things you would be saying now ? No, you would be rallying against them in a heartbeat.

Keep calling video games as important as politics. It in no way makes you look really really really really really really sad and lonely.

Essentially you admit that we should allow special interests which breach journalistic ethics to corrupt and mislead people ?

No, I'm saying video games aren't life and death enough for it to harm anyone if someone reviews a friend or spouse's game.

Once again missing the point, the problem isn't the fact that someone reviewed the game because they have a connection with them, the point here is that it wasn't disclosed and a larger point here is that there was collusion, nepotism and cronyism involved within the deal to give a positive review for a product that was abysmal and going against consumer interests and top that with promotion and use of social media to censor opposition and you automatically negate your argument.

You CAN stop fucking that thesaurus, you know, you're going to get blisters, buddy.

It's no longer about gaming ethics, it's about the mass censorship and attack on the gamer identity from SJW assholes who won't admit to wrongdoing

Oh no, not the gamer identity!!! How dare anyone want to throw out the image you already had of being nacho-stained basement ghouls.

Once again, if you can't fix corruption on a micro level, what thinks you can fix it on a macro level ,especially when you're pro corruption for stuff you agree with?

Because there's no relationship between real, serious world journalism and gaming journalism. It doesn't work that way. You can't start with Gamepro and work your way up to fox news.

You just admitted Gaming doesn't cause violence

No I didn't. :)

 yet you're turning around and claiming that Gamers are violent against people who aren't Gamers?

That's been true since at least the 90's. Where the hell were you?

It seems everytime a female member of GamerGate calls you out on your bullshit'you're quick to use Misygonstic inuslts based on their gender

Beg your pardon? Not once have I insulted anyone's gender or even referred to anyone's gender other than pointing out how strange it is for a woman to side with misogynistic bullies. Even the discussion you link to doesn't include me saying any insults about anyone's gender.

It's shown that very few GamerGaters, less than 2% of GamerGaters actually are Misogynistic and have a Misogynistic tendencies however people like you prove that you're even worse than the few Mysingosts in GamerGate, the 2% who are mostly from RoK blogs.

You actually believe a bunch of dudes would honestly and truthfully answer a poll essentially just asking "ARE YOU MISOGYNIST?"

Funny you provide no evidence of harassment or threats from our side

Funnier how I did and you just pretend they don't represent your movement, but then you turn around and claim that some minor cases of similar behavior prove all other sides evil and wrong.

women are tried of White Knight Beta Male Hypocrites like you holding this double standard , hence why women and minorities formed the #NotYourShield hashtag to counter the bullshit your side was saying about GamerGate and counter your infantilization of women and minorities.

People like you straight-up invented the "infantilization" argument. Even when most of the voices against you ARE women and minorities you accuse them of using women or minorities as shields.

You have a surprising lack of minorities in your movement and not just political diversity but ethnic, religious and orientation based diversity and even diversity via phsicyal conditions.

Where's your evidence? What do you base this on?

Once again another Ad Hominem and considering you bragged about being a gamer for 30 years, you're a little boy by your own logic you hypocrite.

Yes. I am rational enough to be able to admit that my playing of video games is just a childish hobby, unlike you, who treats it as a bloody religious movement.

The gunman was not part of GamerGate nor did he exist and GamerGate as a whole condemned the shooter, even MRA sites like a Voice For Men posted a bounty on the man threatening Sareakians life and the FBI reported there was no credible threat so once again, this is proof of your dishonesty.

Of course they did. It's just that easy to make yourself look good.

And yet it's okay when you get one of the Pro GamerGate Supporters fired from Pleb Comics from making comics parodying the outlook of GamerGahzi

Actually, it was because plebcomics has a long history of being a pretentious asshole and picking on victims.

Funny that all your examples have a massive confirmation bias

This is one of the most ironic things you've said yet.

the target isn't women or even Feminists, it's non gamers and non gamers with a political agenda to turn gaming into a soapbox.

An imaginary strawman that doesn't actually have a real world presence large enough to threaten video games to any degree. Nobody is even asking anything "political" that would hinder game development or make them any less fun.

If anything a few days ago i made a post supporting a GamerGate related article from Return Of Kings, a site i personally despise because they're a legitimate site of Misyonsy and the most extreme members of the Men's Rights Movement

I find it just so incredible that you can see what's wrong with Return of Kings and not see the things you have in common with their outlook. To me, you are virtually indistinguishable. You seem to want the same exact things at the end of the day.

He infantilizes women and white knights for them  which by his own admission means he views women as inferior to men .

When did I "admit" something like that?

You can call anything you disagree with "white knighting." Don't like anyone speaking about racism? they must be white knighting for attention! LOL.

Also note people like SytcheMangina support groups like Hamas

I like how I've never once even mentioned Hamas and you sweepingly generalize that "people like me" support them. What a weasely, cheap tactic.

people like SytcheMangina claim to be against porn

I've never been against porn and I don't know anybody who is against porn. The only thing I'm against are real people being exploited.

yet you see him obiefctying women and even having favored pictures of such.

Feminists are not against sexy art, photoshoots or even porn. They are against belittling actual women.

You mean me SytcheMangina?, Oh right, i pwned you so badly you took a burlly screencap of me that got token down.

It's still hilarious just how much you wrote in just one message. Frightening, even.

Once again Styche, notice why you're losing  ?  Take a good look at the difference between my jounral and your jounral, you see i actually porvide edivence

You haven't provided anything but your own gamergate side of things, full of holes, hypocrisy, fallacy and double standards. You also keep accusing me of those things without correctly using the terms at all.

Only 2 % of GamerGate hates women and most of them are the deeply hated Paraiah's of RoK.

There's that absolutely laughable belief that one half-assed "ARE YOU SEXIST??? Y/N" poll actually meant anything and gamergaters wouldn't deliberately answer with whatever made them look good.

Says the dumbass spining lies about GamerGaters and gamers and claiming that 200 Million American who play video games,  47% of them Female all hate women,

I never even said once that all gamers hate women. I said a great deal of gamergaters act like they do.

Funny how you admit that 47% of gamers are female, but at other times, you guys swear that gaming belongs to men and that women "just play rinky-dink cell phone games" (weren't those your exact words, or am I mixing you up with some other asshole?)

Who are the one's trying to get barabie dolls banned in Sweden while ignoring Islamic rape gangs raping women and setting fire to houses ?
Who are the ones who think that the Hobby Lobby is a disaster  yet support the CCalifornia"Yes means Yes" College Campus law  ?
Who are the ones who support Hollaback while ingore the constant abuse of women by pimps caused by criminalized prosustion promoted by Radical Feminists ?
Who are the ones who  care more about ssabotagingcharites than funding charites?
Who are the ones who abuse childern mentality and make them recite progradnda ?

I like how all of these things either aren't even real or are extremely niche behaviors of a few extremists, yet you swear it isn't fair to generalize a whole movement....when it's yours.

BONUS RESPONSE TO :iconcrimsonfalke: : actually dude, is only loosely affiliated with the former publisher of the Mad Magazine knockoff, and by the time it was bought out and the name changed to Cracked, had already established itself and continues to be the most successful comedy site on the internet, having even beaten Somethingawful years ago! Accusations of being run by "SJW's" only began pretty recently, so I'm not sure where you would get the idea that "tumblr SJW's" created its success. It even pre-dates tumblr by a bit! $200 an article is pretty great pay for freelance work, you should try it sometime.
Did you actually read my last journal? Because every part of it is me respectfully trying to reason with you. What did I say that you're suddenly even angrier about? What did I ever do but respond back to your attacks?

The other people commenting to you are also clearly trying to just talk sensibly with you, and you're insulting them and ignoring everything they have to say.

You're literally stealing ultra-personal journals of mine and acting like a stalker.
A Revelation:iconreadplz:
For scythemantis.
I saw your recent journal. Also, if you’re gonna stalk me, fine; I can play along.
Of all those words that you said in that journal, there were only two paragraphs and bits of those two paragraphs that made any sense to me. They are underlined below:

I don't think you've had much experience with American hospitals. Yes, they do their best, but American medical care is some of the worst in the first world. (Calling bullshit on that. My moods have changed dramatically for the better since I’ve been treated with the pills and shots I need to live my day-to-day life. BTW, I didn’t think I’d have to share this, but if it gives you perspective, so be it. I’ve got no shame in sharing it; other people online share these sort of struggles as well.) The bills are so astronomical that we allow a great deal of people to die because they

Okay, Kid. A few things:

1) You're the one "stalking" here, dude. I don't even think about you until you write about me, which shows up in my Deviantart inbox automatically. The stuff you're posting also demonstrates that you read my posts, conversations, journals and deviations all the time without me knowing and save the text to your own computer. That's EXTREMELY unsettling. Reposting other people's journals without permission is also highly, highly against DA's rules and could get you banned or deleted, incidentally.

2) By "some of the worst medical care in the first world," I mean that American medical care is some of the most expensive and with the longest waiting lists. We still have access to good medication and technology, but the bills are astronomical compared to other major nations, so much so that we have more people dying from treatable illness than half the other countries in the world. You're right that you don't need to feel bad about taking medicine for your moods; over one in five Americans are believed to be in need of psychiatric medication.

3) Why did you insert the word "minorities" in what you quoted from me, and crossed it out? Were you trying to make it look like I was saying bad things about minorities? The trend of people fearing and mistrusting modern medicine is actually mostly a characteristic of wealthy white people, i.e. ultra-left-wing-hippies who think if something is "unnatural" (like medicine) it must be bad.

4) Flu vaccination has been demonstrated to reduce the spread of the flu. The problem is that "flu" comes in thousands of known strains, new ones crop up constantly, and a vaccine can only cover so many. Usually, a vaccine is for just one variety. Doctors have to predict which one is going to be the most common during a given flu season. Sadly, that's the best we can do and it has obvious imperfections.

5) My germophobia isn't bad enough to interfere with my everyday life, it just means I wash my hands an awful lot and try not to touch doorknobs.

6) It is actually very normal to hallucinate during high fevers, particularly when you're a child, and my childhood was plagued with dangerously intense ones!

7) I definitely cannot afford an average of $100 a month for medical insurance. All of the money I make off Mortasheen and Bogleech goes to rent, food, gas and electricity, and I don't make much more from any other source. When I get sick, I have to visit the ER and deal with the bills later. It's really weird that you're getting into personal stuff like this, though.

8) What do you actually consider a "social justice warrior?" Anyone who talks about issues of racism or sexism? Or just the ones who you feel go "too far" with it? You have to understand that racist and sexist people do exist, and there are a lot of them, and they do their damnedest to push people. I can avoid Deviantart for months, log back in, and my inbox is PACKED with hate mail from actual skinheads and neo-nazis because I said critical things about them even years ago. This is why I might sometimes get overly mean to people on DA who aren't so bad. I'm used to dealing with Deviantartists who actually advocate eugenics.

9) I definitely agree that medical facilities are stressful. Bright lights, white walls, harsh shapes, all has a very impersonal and unwelcoming feel I also try to capture in some of Awful Hospital's background art. I often deliberately pick the ugliest possible colors for it to try and communicate that same sense of wrongness.

10) I'm really not a fan of the Robot Chicken/Family Guy type of humor, or gross-out comedy. Just because I have some characters made of snot or gore doesn't mean I think those things are funny. I like cute, sweet humor, I hate making fun of anybody or jokes that try to be "offensive" or "edgy" or "controversial." They're almost always juvenile and mean spirited.

That's actually part of the idea behind Mortasheen; the monsters make it look like it's going to be grim and violent, but it's intended to be lighthearted and cheesy. Even the worst monsters in it are nice people on the inside!....except when they're dolphin monsters. Dolphins are always the ultimate evil.

I'm glad you've moved on to a half-conversational and not telling people you wish I was dead or something. Like I keep saying, I don't know why you're so worked up hating me when you don't know me and I don't have any negative feelings towards you, except that I wish you would just let me be. I usually mind my own business until somebody else brings me up, or hurts someone I care about.

In response to your other weirdness:

Apparently, scythe can do the exact same shit and get away with it. But when someone disagrees with him, oh, they're horrible, stupid, immature people! OPEN YOUR EYES, YOU FUCKWITS. He is doing the EXACT SAME SHIT that I did in one little submission, and you're blowing up over it.

No, actually, I'm not. I didn't do anything at all to you when you made a deviation devoted to attacking me. Just like I never did anything to you the very first time you came on my profile telling me I was a satanic cancer on society. Nothing. You and I had never spoken and I had no idea who you were when you started that, and then eve after we made up, you started it again and again. I keep doing nothing to you and you keep coming at me for years now, over nothing at all.

Cannot tell how immature names off a person’s stated name (such as Kazoo or Kibble) can be inflammatory

I started calling Kajm things like "kazoo" and "kibble" after he started calling me variations on my own username, like "sicklebug."

Both his nicknames for me and my nicknames for him are harmless. Neither "sicklebug" nor "kazoo" are mean things to call somebody. They're just fun. If Kajm really hated me and I really hated Kajm don't you think there would actually be hateful language involved, rather than things like "KIBBLE" and "SILLYBUG?" Those are completely G-rated. Those are the kinds of nicknames people even give friends.

It's like you just really want to hate me because you think it's fun to do so, or something, and make up reasons when I haven't actually done anything cruel to anybody.

Finally, no, I have never taken down any of my journals out of "shame." I stand by everything I say in them and I think they demonstrate that I never meant any harm to anyone. I take down journals when I'm just tired of them or they remind me of things that stress me out.…

Kibble, haven't I said this same kind of thing before? I still honestly don't know what I've said about you that wasn't true. If you actually did talk to me, and tell me what it was, I'd correct it. I've made that offer like, nine times before. I obviously cause you a lot of strife for you to keep talking about me, and talking about, and tagging my name every day when I'm not even here, and egging on people who actually stalk and threaten me.

So why can't we just have one little civil conversation and make an agreement already?

You have skype? I'm "scythemantis" on there, too :)


Jonathan Wojcik
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a cartoonist, biology enthusiast and horror fan born on Halloween. I have a life long passion for bizarre creatures of every sort, whether real-world invertebrates from the deepest ocean trenches or buggy eyed space mutants from low budget cinema. I run the modestly popular and have also written for Cracked.


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Ziblink Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I;m not entirely sure, but I think you may be Bogleech. If so your comics and fantasy worlds were a wonderful childhood (Well, teenhood) inspiration. Keep it up!
scythemantis Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw thanks! I hear that a lot and it's funny, cause I still feel like a kid, and drew inspiration from the site from other people at the time. It doesn't feel like I've been doing it that long but I guess it has no been something like thirteen years since I started the site, jeez, that's an entire childhood's worth of time!
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering if you ever read this novel called "The Troop" by Nick Cutter.…
I read it when it was first published last spring, and it was one of the most frightening books that I've read in a long time. At some points, I was too freaked out to continue, but I had to know what happened next.

I don't want to spoil it, but the source of horror in the book definitely sounds like something you'd like :thumbsup:

I also recommend the video game "The Evil Within". It had some incredible monster designs, especially for the boss fights- like a Lovecraftian kind of horror.
scythemantis Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We did buy Evil Within! Still getting through the first chapter or so :D

The Troop does sound good too!
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Great, I hope you enjoy it :D I can't wait to replay the game again.
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P.S. The group is about politics in case you were wondering.

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The illuminati is largely fictional and what little "real" illuminati exists is devoted to perpetuating civil equality, environmentalism and science, all things I agree with :)
Pyrosaitan1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
oi am i still a mysoginist or no?
Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Happy New Years
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