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So according to a certain somebody, all he wants me to do is "retract my lies about him."

Unfortunately, this is what he's said a dozen times before, and if you go back through my journals, you can see the multiple times I've asked him to just explain what he's referring to.

He never has.

Over and over this guy says I "lie" about him and that's why he's still stalking and bad-mouthing me every day.

Over and over I ask him to tell me what those lies are.

Why is that so hard?

All I need is a list of these things he wants me to retract. That's all. I've never said anything about him that I didn't believe was true at the time. If I knew what was incorrect, I'd be happy to retract it and apologize, and this is by far not the first time I've said so.
When I ignore this guy, he rages and comes after me. When I try to reason with him, he acts like I'm attacking and tormenting him, even when my only messages to him are "why do you hate me? I don't hate you, I don't want to fight with you, why are you doing this?"

Deviantart's staff only tell me to keep ignoring him, but like I said, that doesn't do anything. I can ignore him for a year and he'll still keep posting about how I'm the devil.
Boops boops in a Bucket by scythemantis
Boops boops in a Bucket
We named her after a Wikipedia entry on a fish.

I'm not even touching her in this picture, just pointing at her, which surprised her and then made her fall off the bed.

I found her emaciated and abandoned around Christmas, but she turned out to be the friendliest, nicest cat I've ever known. I don't know why someone would dump her, but she was definitely dropped off by former owners in an area known to be a feral cat control colony.

She also doesn't trigger my allergies, at all. I've always been allergic to cats even though I always want them. I don't know how I just up and found the perfect one.

She wants human attention ALL the time. She wants you to carry her around like a baby all day.
Slurpentine by scythemantis
Full description/mortasheen page:…

A pest control monster, acting like flypaper. Also inspired by the prehistoric animal Odontogriphus!
While those already indoctrinated against modern medicine tend to be a lost cause, it's always good to provide information for people who are still on the fence or uncertain!

So, here's ten of the things I hear most often about vaccines, why they're wrong, and some relevant links.

"There's MERCURY in them!"

The claim that vaccines are dangerous because they "contain mercury" is a deliberate misunderstanding of chemistry designed to mislead the public.
 Mercury is an element in the organic compound, thimerosal, in much the same way that deadly, toxic chlorine is an element in the compound sodium-chloride, otherwise known as salt - the same salt you put on your food.

Raw elements can be dangerous in their pure form, but help build entirely harmless and even strictly beneficial compounds.

Thimerosal is used as a preservative agent preventing a vaccine from becoming contaminated by fungi or other microorgaisms.

The effective amount of thimerosal ever put into a vaccine was 0.001%, or 1 part per 100,000. Even if this were actual "mercury," the amount would be too small to damage even a single human body cell.

"There's FORMALDEHYDE in them!"

Similar to the mercury claims, anti-vaxxers love to bring up the presence of formaldehyde as another preservative. Why?
Presumably, it's because we all associate formaldehyde with "death." We know it's the thing we use to preserve corpses, so it must be something unnatural and scary, right? Certainly not something that belongs in food or medicine! It sounds completely logical! Heck, pure, concentrated formaldehyde is even a carcinogen, isn't it??

Where this argument fails is that formaldehyde is a completely natural compound found everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean you're breathing it out of the air as we speak no matter where you live, it was in the last meal you ate, and your own cells are producing it themselves. It's found in all fruits and vegetables, and In the past hour, your own body has generated far more formaldehyde than you will ever get in an entire lifetime of vaccines. Formaldehyde production is a part of your body's normal, essential behavior. It becomes carcinogenic or toxic only in incredibly large amounts, i.e. when breathed as a large volume of gas.

A two month old infant naturally has about 1.1 mg of formaldehyde in their bloodstream. This is ten times the amount found in any vaccine (which is 0.1). Eating a pear provides fifty times that amount, and just a single grape contains 22 mg of formaldehyde! How many grapes do you eat at once? This gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream, and is eventually filtered out with your urine.

"They keep changing their ingredients, so something must be wrong with them!"

This is called "the advancement of technology."

Moving on....

"Natural immunity works better!"

The very purpose of a vaccine is to recreate the process of building natural immunity without the suffering and danger. Your body builds immunity by creating antibodies when exposed to a virus.

A vaccine functions the same way, introducing a virus into your body so that antibodies will develop. In a vaccine, however, the virus is either a harmless strain or deactivated ("killed") so that it does not reproduce with the same devastating symptoms.
Exposing yourself or your children to a disease in its natural, contagious state differs from a vaccine only in that the vaccine is formulated to be safe.

"They're a scheme to make money!"

This is always bizarre, because if vaccines were just designed to turn a profit, why would they be filled with so many expensive components? The same components critics allege serve little to no function? Clearly, anyone seeking to make money on vaccines would be filling them with plain water.

When you actually "follow the money" and "do the math," you only find that vaccines turn little to no real profit for any one entity. The costs of distribution, manufacturing, labor and laboratory testing are so high that administering vaccines barely breaks even and is sometimes done at a loss.……

The notion that a majority of people in the medical industry are simply "shills" for vaccines is fantastical to begin with. Doctors are human beings, who also suffer disease, and also have to worry about their loved ones getting sick. Doctors also have to have a a detailed understanding of chemistry and biology to get where they are. If vaccines didn't work or were a harmful money making scheme, we would see a much bigger split in attitudes among the medical community.

"They can be linked to autism!"

This one isn't a misunderstanding: it's just a lie.

The idea that vaccines can be connected to autism is the original, unique invention of one man, Andrew Wakefield, who plotted to make easy money by first creating an artificial "scare" surrounding a common medical practice, then selling his own version to concerned parents.

Wakefield target the MMR vaccine, and had already patented his own nearly identical version and his own original "test" to identify children "damaged" by vaccines. He had business partners lined up and lawyers who would help him sue vaccine manufacturers to share in a potential multi-million-dollar deal.

Wakefield chose to invent a link with autism because he knew it was a relatively new term to the general public and still poorly understood, making it an ideal red herring.

Eleven of Wakefield's original twelve research partners correctly spotted his dishonesty and retracted their names from his paper, later helping to press charges against him. To manufacture his data he performed invasive, abusive experiments on non-consenting children and reused damaged test animals from other experiments.
Wakefield was stripped of his license and disgraced for his transparent lies and attempt at a scam, but unfortunately, there are people inclined to see such a person as an "underdog" silenced by some sort of evil "establishment," such as one Jenny McCarthy, who latched on to Wakefield's findings to try and explain her own child's alleged autism, popularizing the supposed "underground secret" of "vaccine-induced-autism" throughout the scientologists and other crackpots of Hollywood.
In all the year's since Wakefield's report, no new study has ever been able to find the links he claimed to have produced between autism and vaccinations. This is because he made them up to cheat people.……………

"My friend got a flu shot, and then got the flu!"

"Flu" is a very broad term. Like a "cold," it actually describes thousands of generic viruses with similar symptoms, each of which may mutate into new strains at any time.

A flu vaccine is intended to match currently circulating flu strains as best as possible, but cannot and will never be able to encompass all possible strains.

"Hygiene changes are what really eliminated so many diseases!"

Does this even NEED debunking? Despite our "advanced hygiene practices," we still suffer many contagious diseases. Measles, smallpox and whooping cough were not associated with "dirtiness," but human to human contact. As far as these infections are concerned, the advent of vaccines was the only relevant change we made. No amount of showering, healthy eating and hand-washing could have gotten rid of smallpox, just as it never got rid of chickenpox. Rates of chickenpox only dropped once a vaccine was introduced.


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I'm a cartoonist, biology enthusiast and horror fan born on Halloween. I have a life long passion for bizarre creatures of every sort, whether real-world invertebrates from the deepest ocean trenches or buggy eyed space mutants from low budget cinema. I run the modestly popular and have also written for Cracked.


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I have NOTHING against you, I've never tried to hurt you in any way. I just don't understand why you keep attacking me when I'm minding my own business.
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